Speaking Engagements

Ella is uniquely qualified to speak on a wide range of topics.

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  • 20+ Years of Experience in Cybersecurity & Technology
  • Advanced Degrees from Columbia University's Engineering & Business Schools
  • US Department of Defense Top Secret Clearance
  • Dedicated to Promoting Science Literacy & Advocacy

Diverse Audiences

Over the years, Ella has spoken at schools, universities, business forums, and on government panels.


Lecture & Speaking Topics


Ella has worked with our nation’s top corporations and government agencies. Topics Ella has presented include:

  • Securing critical technology assets in the digital age.
  • Presenting cryptography solutions to government agencies like the US Department of Energy, Treasury, FBI, and many more.
  • How big banks can protect themselves against fraud.
  • How technology can help grow a business.

Ella has lectured at libraries, schools, and youth groups and worked with children of all ages. Topics Ella has presented include:

  • Empowering the next generation of future STEM leaders.
  • Promoting science literacy for kids of all ages.
  • Inspiring young girls to pursue STEM studies.
  • How to stay safe on the Internet.
  • Secrets, spies, and cryptography
  • Lesser known or forgotten topics in history.
  • How to learn from our history to avoid the mistakes of our past.
  • Creative writing skills.

Speaking Engagement information

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Associations & Memberships

  • Founding Member of NY Pod of 500 Women Scientists
  • Founding Member of Kidliterati.com, a website dedicated to promoting children's literature.
  • Member of Society of Children's Book Writers & Illustrators