About Ella

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It’s weird talking about myself in third person, but here is the professional sounding bio……

Ella Schwartz writes fiction and nonfiction books for young readers. She is always asking questions and trying to learn new things. The books she writes are for kids who are just as curious as she is.

Ella is the author of CAN YOU CRACK THE CODE? (Bloomsbury, 2019), STOLEN SCIENCE (Bloomsbury, 2020), IS IT OKAY TO PEE IN THE OCEAN? (Bloomsbury, 2020) and MAKE THIS! (National Geographic Kids, 2019). She is also a featured writer for National Geographic Kids magazine.

In addition to writing books, Ella is a cybersecurity warrior interfacing with the U.S. federal government on strategic technology initiatives. She has a bachelor's and master's degree in engineering from Columbia University.

When she's not working, writing, or training to run a marathon, she volunteers on outreach initiatives to promote women in science and improve science literacy.

Ella lives on Long Island, New York with her husband and three sons. 

About Me !!!

Here are some fun (and a little embarrassing) facts about me.

Say What?

I didn’t speak English until I went to kindergarten. As the daughter of immigrants, my first language was Russian.

Ewww! Reading!

Most authors like to talk about how much they loved reading as kids. That wasn’t true for me. I didn’t love reading all that much in school, mostly because I thought the books my teachers assigned were boring. Once I figured out I could pick my own books I realized how exciting reading was.

When I Grow Up...

When I was little I wasn’t sure if I wanted to grow up to be the first female president of the United States or an astronaut. Since I get nauseous on amusement park rides, I’ve accepted that being an astronaut is not the right job for me. Madame President is still on the table.

Fun Size!

I am not even 5 feet tall which makes me really short.


I love my sleep. If I could, I would sleep 12 hours a day. Unfortunately, my job and my children don't allow this.

I ? Coffee

I love coffee (see previous factoid)

Yes, I've been there without kids. No, I'm not ashamed

I love Disney World. Our family travels there as often as possible. We usually wear matching family t-shirts. Some of our friends think matching shirts are pretty nerdy but we disagree.

Perseverance 1, Coordination 0

I successfully ran two marathons, but I’m terrible at any sport that involves a ball, racquet, or any piece of sports equipment.


I love ice cream. I like to eat ice cream just before going to bed. My favorite flavor is cookies and cream.

1990's. The height of culture

I once had a cameo appearance in an Adam Sandler music video.

The english department is over there...

In college I majored in engineering. My freshman class consisted of only 17% women.

The name's Schwartz. Ella Schwartz

I hold a top secret government clearance. That means I’m allowed to see our nation’s most classified information, but that doesn’t mean I’ve actually seen anything terribly interesting. It just means I’m allowed to.

Iron Man vs Yoda. Go!

I am the mother of three sons. My favorite color is pink, but I don’t have a lot of pink things in my house. Star Wars and Marvel movies are serious business in our house.

Team House Elf?

I like to pretend I’d be sorted into house Gryffindor, but I know I’m 100% Ravenclaw.