School Visits


Classroom Visits

Would you like to have a published author visit your school or library? I love talking about  books and meeting with young readers!

I offer several programs for children of all ages. I’m also happy to develop a program to suit your specific needs. Please contact me to inquire about availability. 

School Programs

These can be tailored for your school's unique needs.

45 mins - grades 3 and up


Have a great idea for a book, but you’re not sure how to get the idea out of your head and onto a page? In this workshop you’ll learn the secrets of successful storytelling. We’ll talk about the writing process and the most important elements of storytelling: characters, inciting incidents, conflict, and resolution. Students will walk away with an outline for their very own novel and the secret tricks to turn an idea into a real book. This workshop will also including a reading from one of Ella’s books.

60-90 minutes - grades 5 and up


This workshop is perfect for budding spies and computer-loving kids and compliments Ella’s book, CAN YOU CRACK THE CODE? We’ll talk about the world of cyber espionage, code breaking, and hacking. Students will learn about famous codes and ciphers and try cracking top secret messages. The workshop is extremely interactive and will challenge participants to crack codes like real secret agents. Students will walk away with helpful tips for staying safe in today’s digital world. This workshop will also include a reading from Ella’s book, CAN YOU CRACK THE CODE?

60-90 mins - grades 3 and up


Have you ever dreamt up a new invention or had an idea for a zany contraption? That makes you a maker! Makers are tinkerers, inventors, crafters, and everything in between. If you have a creative spark you can be a maker. In this workshop, students will tackle several exciting, hands-on activities. Projects may include building a working hover disk, catapult, or rocket launcher. In this highly interactive workshop, students will learn the science and engineering behind their creations and apply their maker skills to real life problems. This workshop aligns with STEM curriculums and compliments Ella’s book, MAKE THIS! Please note: Program sponsors may be asked to purchase some basic materials to support the activities. A list will be provided in advance.

45 mins - all ages


If you pay attention to the news, it seems like new hacks happen all the time. Hackers and internet scammers are getting smarter. Computers get infected with viruses all the time. With the growth of emerging technologies and computers it’s important for students to learn how to stay safe on the Internet. Ella has been a cybersecurity warrior for 20 years and will provide tips to keep the hackers and viruses away. Students will leave this workshop armed with the know-how to stay safe on the Internet. As more and more work is done through the Internet this is a vitally important topic for students and their families. Parents are welcome and encouraged to participate. If desired, the workshop will conclude with a reading from Ella’s book, CAN YOU CRACK THE CODE?

45 mins - grades 2 and up


Making a book isn’t magic. It takes a lot of hard work, time, and energy to turn an idea in your head into a book in your hands. In this workshop, students will learn about the twisty journey to publication. We’ll talk about the writing process, revisions (and more revisions), who is involved in the writing journey (spoiler: it’s not just the writer), and the publication lifecycle. Students will learn that a lot of patience and grit are required before a book finds its way into readers’ hands. This workshop will also include a reading from one of Ella’s books.


School Visit Information

All presentations include:

Autographed Book

One free autographed copy of one of Ella's books for the school library.

Question & Answer

Time for Q&A from the students.


Free bookmarks for everyone in attendance.

Signed Books

Opportunity for students to purchase signed books, and an autographing session if desired.

Discounts are available for schools that commit to purchasing Ella’s books.


300to $500

Half Day

Up to 4 Hours

Full Day

Up to 8 Hours

Virtual Visits

I’d be delighted to arrange a free 20-30 minute book talk via Skype. Please contact me to discuss scheduling options.

Can My School Afford It?

Need help securing funding for an Author Visit for your school?

Ways to Fund Author Visits

Please get in touch with me for a quote. I’m happy to work with you on a program that aligns with your students’ interests and available budget.

Rates are for the NY Metro area. Additional fees apply for travel outside the NY Metro area.